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On the 5th generation pedigree according to the origin of man on earth, there is the “Siraja Dunia” who have 3 children: Raja Miok-miok, Patundal Nabegu and Siaji Lapas-Lapas.
According to the Batak belief, that the world is divided into three portion of the world (banua ginjang) middle world (banua tonga) underworld (banua Toru).
Top world, is home to the gods who do not have an error in running the code of ethics as a god. God who violate the code of ethics, will be discharged into the middle of the world, even to the underworld.
Middle-earth, a place that was given to all gods creatures, including man as a god of creation. And also as a place of exile in violation of the rules of the gods.
Underworld, was the most despicable. Because god or gods of creation who broke in place, or the gods in serious violation will be punished and banished to the underworld. Usually, they are banished to the underworld, forever will disturb the peace of man.
At first, there is only one of the world. But because marriage inces, then throw them into the world in the middle.
Man it plans to be born into the world center, has existed since the gods were there. If there are questions such as what new-born, then called sibursok (ed: siucok) if he was a man and sitatap (sibutet) if the birth is a woman. perhaps this is the origin of the name and the butet ucok).
Thus, human existence in this world to be born by Siboru Deangparujar and Siraja Odap-odap her husband, from their origin is why there are people in the world.
That's the name of the first humans in the world, Sibursok and Sitatap name. because they have, the more people multiply in the middle. Another version of Adam and Eve.
As told by old people, after giving birth to the world of human beings, then go back and Siboru Deangparujar-Siraja Odap-odap into the world, because of their origin there, the gods who never die.
Once abandoned by their Sibursok and Sitatap the world's center, then was sent Mulajadi Nabolon Siraja Ingotpaung aides and Siraja asi-asi to keep the two men's children. Taught traditional brand and associate with people the world over. such as the following phrase "fog to become dew, steam to become rain" means that the relationship between the human world and the world's top middle remain and remember it. at first there was only one of the world (the world), but because it occurred the marriage between brother and sister so they dumped another into the world of world.
As told by those old fashioned time immemorial, humans can still hang with the world's top down, marry each other, there are also some who went to the moon and stars.
Thus the origin of humans in this world by the ancient Batak belief, that the first humans came from the marriage of the gods in the world is Siboru Deangparujar and Siraja Odap-odap, then come down to earth and have children of Siborsuk and Sitatap which breed in the middle. (refrensi: Pustaha Tumbaga Holing), (by: br)

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